Friday, February 24, 2012


Remember that awesome feat of knitting prowess that was the last post? Well here is the finished result. Those bumps are called nupps and are just a bunch of stitches knit together. Nupp should be the national word I think.
The only thing cooler than making nupps, is saying nupps (those bumps are nupps by the way)
Blocking lace is so essential

I call this one. Art.

Lace makes me swoon. Like old tires and arty pictures.
This is my best knitting picture ever. Hooray flowers!
So as you can see, it is by far the most beautiful thing I have ever made. I even contemplated framing it and selling it as art. But after much debating, I gave it to the person who deserved it the most. Bekky my bfffl! As a fellow knitter, she knows how much time and love goes into this. Also, I originally started making this for her as a condolence shawl (because she had a major loss in her life).

Today's lesson is. Knit lace shawls and say the word nupp compulsively.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Today's lesson is brought to you by the letter cockiness

During my absence from blogging, I did something unbelievably cool--I cured world unhappiness.

That is a lie. But I did something completely awesome in the knitting world. I fixed a mistake in a lace shawl. I'm not saying that I ripped out the two inches of lace that I had completed and then tried to pick up the stitches without messing anything up. I instead did this.

 I noticed that I had made a pretty big mistake like 10 rows back. I won't repeat what was said (because there are virgin eyes reading this), but know that it was full of frustration and angst.

Now you may not know this, but I am not a fan of frogging knitting (for all you non-knitters who read my knitting blog, frogging means ripping out the knitting you've done. If you want a full explanation, google it. Also, why are you reading a knitting blog if you don't knit?). Frogging lace is especially hard because you have to pick up yarn overs and knit two togethers and it's just a horrid mess. So I went online and searched for a better way to fix my problem. This involved only ripping back the part of my knitting that I had messed up on. Then I had to find stitches and pin them to a board to try and reconstruct the design.

Just a warning, you probably shouldn't try this if you can't read your knitting. If you're not sure what a yarn over looks like or if you don't know what the pattern is supposed to look like, it all might end in frustration and yelling. Bring good karma into the world, not yelling. (that should be a bumper sticker)
So once I had my spots pinned, I ripped back to a row where I knew where I was in the pattern and picked up the stitches and put them on a needle to work with.
After the stitches were on the needle, I simply worked back and forth in the pattern with a second needle. I say simply, but we both know this takes an enormous amount of skill (cocky knitting prowess is so sexy. Don't you agree?)
I just added this picture because my fingers look dainty and delicate here.

And here is the final product! I am so awesome. GUSH GUSH LOOK AT ME EVERYONE I CAN KNIT WELL!

Friday, February 10, 2012

My head was cold, so I made a hat.

Guess what people of the interwebs?! I finished a project. Finally. I've started and abandoned so many thing in the past couple months, it's a little ridiculous.
But. Here are pictures.
Classy knitters drink red wine from Miss Piggy cups.


Throw up your rock fist.

You probably can't see the lovely cable pattern, but it's incredible. Not only does is swoop and cable, but it cable and swoops.

Can you tell I'm a writer?

My sister got me this yarn and holy hell, it's the most delicious things my fingers have played with. So soft but not as sheddy as normal alpaca. It's a baby alpaca/merino mix. Drool.

Do you think Dan Marino would want to wear merino? Har. Har. Cough.

Yup. Humor coming at you from all sides tonight.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Pirate aliens are the worst.

I know you think I haven't been blogging because I've been lazy and uninspired. THAT IS FALSE! The truth is that I was kidnapped by alien pirates for the past six months. They are sort of like earthling pirates except instead of being after booty, they are after knitting. My escape from their clutches was pretty epic (if I do say so myself) and luckily I was able to escape with my knitting. I post them here for your eyes to feast upon.

 This is my cabled dress that I made ages ago and refused to wear. I'm not really sure why I refused to wear it because it's freaking sweet, but I'm showing it the attention it deserves now. Look! I'm cooking! It turned out delicious, thanks for asking.

Is this what the hunchback of Notre Dame felt like?

My first baby blanket. Yes it looks like a scarf. Deal with it.

This is what those giant yarn balls became. Pretty sweet.

So there you have it folks, the past six months of my knitting. Except I knit way more than this and am just saving it for later. I know, I know. I'm such a needle tease (get it?! like cock tease but knitting related).