Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Aliens? No just capitalism

Can someone explain to me why it feels like the business executives of the world got together and said, "so this recession thing is excellent for business. Instead of paying people what would be fair for the skills they have, we can pay people half as much and dangle the possibility of being promoted and paid better if they prove their worth. But then (and here's the kicker) we don't ever do that and they'll be so thankful for any job we'll save money!"

Someone please tell me I'm paranoid.

Sunday, March 10, 2013


Know how I've been test knitting for the past year? Turns out it's made me famous (at least in my mind). A couple months ago I got the pattern for this cardigan. The yarn was a cotton, wool, llama mix and the pattern was gorgeous. Don't believe me? Look.

Yup. I made the official sample for a knitting publication. Boss.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Who wants right angles when life is so wrong?

What have I been doing with this non blogging time? I have been knitting an unusual amount of scarves and wraps. Case in point.

Alpaca? Why yes.
Lorna's Laces? Why yes it's the most gorgeous yarn of the universe.
Not my O face.

Where can you find these incredible patterns? At this lovely Etsy shop. For the past eightish months, I have been test knitting for the designer at the site listed above. She sends me the yarn and the pattern, and I create beautiful things. It's a pretty excellent combination. That is the reason for my sudden resurgence in scarves.

I have to admit there was a time in my young knitting life where I was not a fan of scarves. The rectangle... the repetition, the rectangle...

Some shapes just make me not want to knit. Rectangles are one of them. I mean four angles? Four sides? Yawn. Who wants right angles when life is so wrong? (That line was so perfect I had to use it in the title as well.

But I've seen the other side of right angles, the right side you may see (OHHHHHHHHHH). Rectangles are a pretty spectacular way to explore different lace and cable patterns. I like those. I like them a lot.

Tomorrow: We see the other side of my knitting... garments.