Monday, March 26, 2012

The Hippy Distraction

Remember how I was going to show you all my unfinished projects? I got distracted by something else.
That, good people who read my blog, is a drop spindle. You use it to spin yarn. That stuff you see on it is yarn.

I've also been distracted by the obscenely good weather. It's been 70 most of the week and it's MARCH. This is Gunnison, the coldest place in the nation. I am not complaining though. At all.

(For all you people thinking right now, 'I guess that global warming thing is real.' Here is a rant.)

First off, it's global climate change. This means that yes it will be warmer, but there will also be more floods, more tornadoes, more droughts, more deep freezes. It basically means the climate is going to shift. So if you usually get all your snow in April, you might get some of it in November and none in April. Also, yes it is happening. The vast majority of scientists agree and now the main disagreement is whether or not it's caused by humans.

Guess what all the research points to?! It's not just because of humans, but humans are a contributing factor.

If you want specifics, feel free to ask. I do have a degree in meteorology that I would like to put to use.

Anyways. I've been spinning yarn and becoming addicted to that. I love it because it feels more like painting and less like knitting. I can do other things while knitting and it mostly just keeps my hands occupied; but with spinning, it keeps my whole being occupied.

Great now I sound like a hippy. OH THE HORROR!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mittens make my heart attack

As I was saying two days ago, I have discovered a treasure trove of UFOs (Unfinished objects).

Before I go on, let me talk about three common knitting terms that I will use and you better get used to.
Frog-This means to rip out your work (usually to correct a mistake). Know why it's called frog? Because you rip-it rip-it.
UFO- Un Finished Object. Something you started and then ...
FO- Finished Object. Self explanatory I hope.

Now that we are all up to date on the knitting lingo, let me continue.

I adore two color mittens. Not just like, but like like. The thought of starting a project and then actually starting a project makes me faint (like old school Victorian dames). I lustily look through patterns and my heart skips a beat when I knit them--which probably makes it seem like I have a constant heart attack while knitting mittens. I think this knitting heart attack is called a love attack?

Yea that was cheesy. I was trying too hard to be funny.

I started this project in October-ish. It was a super fast enjoyable knit (like all mittens) and I was super pleased with how the colors worked together. But then something happened. I vaguely remember being distracted by a pair of socks (but for the life of me I can't remember what they were).

There is something you should know about knitters: we are ruthless. We only have so many knitting needles so sometimes we cannibalize the needles from one project to start another. That is why I made one mitten without a thumb.

My face shows the horror of needle cannibalization
When will I finish these? Time will tell.

But until that illustrious time, I will continue my confession of the UFOs.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The room I want to die in

Last week here was beautiful. I'm talking mid 50s. Now I know what you're thinking, you're thinking that mid 50s is not YOUR ideal temperature. I am here to tell you (as a professional meteorologist) that you are not entirely correct. Mid 50s for March in Gunnison, Colorado is the scientific ideal.

But today it decided to snow. That means I decided to do this.

I'm pretty sure fireplaces were invented to keep knitters knitting on cold days. Because if it wasn't for this fireplace, I would have given up on knitting and just hid under a blanket and sobbed.

Yesterday I said I had big news, and I do! I've recently acquired two new roommates so our house has been re-arranged and re-done about a million times. Let me tell ya though, it looks a bazillion times better. Not only does our house actually look like people live in it (instead of animals), but it looks like classy people live in it. The absolutely best part about the house is this:
Yarn, knitting books, man fitness eye candy poster, what more can a girl ask for?

THEY MADE ME A KNITTING ROOM! Now instead of scouring the house for needles and yarn, it's all in one place. The room gets tons of sun so I can just stretch out on that couch and knit until my hands fall off. It's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever done for me.

Now the bad news. Since I was able to re-organize my yarn, needles, and UFOs (un-finished objects for you non-knitters), I realize I have a problem that needs to be remedied.

Those are all of my projects that I started and never completed. I didn't count, but there are at least 8. They were forgotten but not for any longer. Starting tomorrow, I will be giving each unloved heap of stitches some love. Not just yarn love, but the best sort of love: blog love.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Luck of the Irish

Big news blogger-sphere, I got laid off from my job! That means I've spent a lot of time knitting (in between the crying).

I'm not completely unemployed though because I got a part time job at a bar two weeks ago. That means I am still a knitting weather BARista. Without the ista. Bartending is easy, but difficult. You know what sucks about it? Having a creepy 50 year old alcoholic say that you have a nice frame while he eyes you like a bowl of jello.

But the money is good and that's all life is about: making money. It's about making money and buying yarn and making beautiful socks for your bass playing friend.
I'd like to thank my male foot model roommate, Collin
 As you may know, last night was St. Patrick's day (St. Patricks? Does he own the day?). Because people like to drink copious amounts of alcohol and hit on girls, I decided it would be an optimal time to get dressed up and festive. So I present you with a rare picture of me all dolled up. I call this outfit, "Jello Shot Girl."

You should see what I have in store for you tomorrow. So much awesomeness your head will explode.