Friday, February 11, 2011

The Hat Saga: now with more dogs

Here is a story that illustrates why I hate knitting hats (it includes my dog Bailey).

Once upon a time there was a fabulous knitter named Jen. She decided to make her lovely co-worker a hat. It took weeks to complete because her hands had forgotten how to hold DPNs. THEN. She finished it and tried it on...

Her dog. It didn't really fit. But it makes sense because he has a dog sized head. So she put it on her head.

It was huge. But how huge? (that's what she said)

Her dog didn't have any answers. He never does.


The moral of this story is that I'm terrible at making hats. I might be able to salvage it. Or I might have to frog it. Only time will tell.

Friday, February 4, 2011

I guess watching the Food Network compulsively pays off.

When I was growing up, it was the family joke that I couldn't cook. I may have burned bacon a few times, and burned chocolate, and made some really terribly tasteless jambalaya... but I have always been able to make the most delicious grilled cheese in the universe.

That being said, ever since moving home I've been cooking dinner a lot more. The main thing I hate about cooking is that you have to buy certain ingredients to make things. If you don't have something, most likely you need to get it (that I learned from the jambalaya. Apparently leaving all the spices out of a spicy dish is not a good idea).

So without further ado, here is the PRETTIEST thing I have ever cooked.

It was also delicious. I am such a suzy homemaker.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Trifecta (a blog post that includes KNITTING! STARBUCKS! WEATHER!)

Bad news patrons of the interwebs: I may soon be out of a job before I even had that job.

The people at MIT have developed a toothpaste that will tell you what the weather is like. It doesn't speak to you, instead it changes its' taste based on what the forecast will be.

I think it's awesome. Here is the link that will tickle your taste-buds!

I am so hilarious. I guess I will always have a job because even though your mouth will know what the weather is like, your funny bone will not be tickled.

I have a penchant for bad puns. Do you think it shows?

In knitting news (because I know you are all DYING to know what I have been knitting), I have finished two socks that I have been knitting for literally two months. Let me give you an example of how long it usually takes me to finish a pair of socks. Two weeks. That means I was 4X slower. I blame the lack of my best knitting friend Bekky. I also blame Starbucks.

Speaking of the bucks. I have a new favorite drink that makes absolutely no sense. I loathe soy milk. It looks like baby throw up, it smells like paper, and it foams like a beast. I also loathe matcha powder (used in green tea lattes). It smells even worse than soy and tastes like cardboard. But I've recently discovered that I love soy green tea lattes with raspberry.

So that math equation looks like:
paper + cardboard + raspberry = DELICIOUS

I don't understand it.

But here are supurb pictures of the socks I finished.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Truth on a frigid day.

Know why I haven't been posting much lately? Because I've been working on these.

The first is a hat that needed to be done two days ago. The second is my very first pair of colorwork socks.
Ok I lied. The reason I haven't posted lately is because I am Lazy with a capital L. But as of today, all of that is going to change. That sock will be completed before I have to go to work. That will happen because of this.
The temperature may be -10 outside today, but MY SOUL IS WARM.

Also my house is warm. But that is for an entirely un-heartwarming reason. It's because of heat.