Sunday, July 10, 2011

Struck by lightning (psst. It's a metaphor)

Apparently thunderstorms have kick-started a few things.

First. I am going to make a conscious effort to find a meteorology job. This means applying to at least three jobs a  week, contacting the station in Crested Butte, and seeing about a radio station internship. 

I know it seems like I should have been doing this the whole time, but I was feeling so discouraged about applying to 50 jobs and only hearing things back from 4 of them. And only one was a phone call. Plus I decided to see if maybe I could be happy with a minimum wage retail job. I can't. Every time I refold a shirt or sweep the floor I feel like I am one of those rumba robots; bumping into walls and cleaning up after people. But at least the robot has a cool name.

Second, I have gotten my finishing knitting mojo back. For the past couple months I've just been starting things and then half-heartedly working on them. NO MORE!

Crackle bang lightning thunder noises.

Here is my vest.

Yes my face is super sexy as always. The vest was a test knit and super easy/awesome. If you want details, go to my ravelry.

What else have I been finishing? My shawl of doom. I have one more repeat and then on to the edging.

At this point in the post, you may be wondering. What do lightning and thunder have to do with this? In reality, probably nothing. But starting last Wednesday, Gunnison Colorado had its first thunderstorm of the season. Since then, I have been through four in Denver. 

I adore thunderstorms. Especially Colorado thunderstorms. They are fast moving, super powerful torrential rain storms that kill. There is nothing cooler. It's a toss up between snow, hail, and thunderstorms for my favorite sort of weather. I'm not really a fan of tornadoes, which is sort of blasphemous for a meteorologist, but I live with myself daily.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Orgasms or blueballs? Yarn edition.

Dear blog,

Remember when everyone used to make fun of the word 'blogging'? I think some even said the word sounded like a venereal disease. Little did the haters know that you would take over the world. Sort of. Anyways, I have been having a torrid love affair lately. Here is the photo evidence.

Yup. During this erotic photo shoot, I literally took 20 pictures of this yarn. This yarn is also THE most expensive yarn I have ever bought. It was $50 for 550 yards of hard-spun alpaca. So as you fellow yarn-fetishists know, totally worth it.

I've already made something out of it too. It's a divine shawlette that has already been blocked and worn compulsively.

Bad news blog readers, I'm going to blueball you with those pictures. My little darling (aka, alpaca shawlette) needs to be reblocked. So until next post, look at other yarn porn.

PS. Blueball should be one word.