Monday, April 11, 2011

No I didn't die, I switched jobs, moved, and knit a bunch.

At the moment, my camera is not wanting to download pictures. Which is unfortunate for you, because I got the most amazing yarn in the universe the past week.

Big changes have abounded since my last post millenia ago. The main one is that I am no longer a Barista. (GASP SOB) It was hard leaving my Starbucks because my coworkers were beyond awesome. I still feel a pang of loss in my heart even though it was a few months ago. I'm raising my glass to them.

I also moved to Gunnison where I am now fulfilling my life-long goal of selling high end outdoor fashion retail.

In all seriousness, it's a sweet job and I am now an expert on shoes. Also, Gunnison is so freaking beautiful.

I wish my camera was working. I literally have finished three pairs of socks and started two cardigans.

More big news! I'm going to be knitting for pay! Not just me charging $20 to knit a hat for a friend. Nosiree. My work is going to be in a book.

So that is a quick update. Maybe tomorrow my camera will decide to work. Cheerio.