Sunday, September 28, 2014

Summer of '69 (but actually 2014)

I bet if you look at the breakdown of when I post new knitting blogs, they are never in summer and always in fall/winter. You probably think it's because I don't knit in the summer, but you are an idiot. 

Of course I knit in the summer! I just do so much other stuff that it's impossible for me to tell you about it. When push comes to shove, I'm a sucker for summer. It's never too hot or too sunny for me. 

This summer has been especially busy because I've been playing a bunch of shows in my band Tea Tsunami. Oh did I forget to mention I'm a drummer?

(cut to me basking in the glory of being awesome)

But enough excuses, let's get to what I did do this summer.



Knit lace.

Knit Cables.

Saw sheep.

Fell deeply in love with sheep.



Bought Fiber.

Hung out with my bestie!

Knit a baby sweater.
And these are just the yarn-y highlights!

Probably my favorite knitting/yarn related thing was going to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival with my best friend of all time: Bekky. 

One of the most obnoxious things about being a knitting is hearing the comparison to being a grandma. I understand where this comes from, but I happen to know quite a few people my age (aka young) who knit. However, at the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival, I felt  young beyond my years.

Age ain't nothin but a thang though. Because Bekky and I spent a solid 3 hours walking around TWO warehouses of yarn and fiber and sheep and rabbits. We cooed, we swooned, we fondled (the yarn you pervert).

And I ended up with some beautiful beautiful things.

Don't worry faithful blog readers, it's fall so I'll be able to keep you posed about what they become.