Monday, October 18, 2010

And the blog begins, with a song of rebellion

After two months of fruitless job searching and obsessive knitting, I have finally landed a job at the most coveted of corporate positions: Starbucks Barista. Sure my degree might be in Meteorology and I went to a college where students did typical things like loving the environment and wanting to live in communes, but apparently I'm not very good at being a weather girl. This means I'm living in my parents house and starting Wednesday, I get the opportunity to earn a paycheck.

For the past two weeks that I've been living in my parents house, I've been applying for everything. Target, AMC, Borders, PacSun, Forever 21, etc. etc.

So blah blah blah. I learned about veganism and how capitalism is destroying america and how the whales are dying in college. Now I am going to be making overpriced coffee drinks for suburban moms. But the coffee is fair trade? They are not Walmart?

I guess I should actually work for them before I judge them.

Here are a few things that I am excited for.
1. Being that coffee shop girl.
Maybe I can pick up a deep sensitive brooding dude. Then after I get an actual career, I can support him as he mysteriously glances at me from the couch. A dark and handsome sort of mysterious glance.
2. Money for yarn.
I can compulsively make my mooching mysterious husband socks .

Over the course of this blog, I will describe my knitting adventures, weathergirl job offers, and barista anecdotes. Most likely I will describe my romantic adventures too because I am somewhat of a girl.

So here is a toast to paying 30,000 a year for four years for the chance to work at starbucks.