Sunday, February 2, 2014

In which I compare crack to socks and insure a Bronco victory.

I would talk about what I've been spinning lately, but I'm getting rather frustrated with it so I'm putting it on time out.

The thing with knitting is that sometimes you have to jump start yourself. I mean yes, I love knitting more than many things in my life and it brings me great joy and blah blah blah. But it can be a chore.

Do you know what you do when you fall out of love with something? You remind yourself what you like about it.


Nick has hairy man legs.
I adore color. This particularly beautiful skein of sock yarn includes a lot of my favorite colors: lime green, dark blue, red... 

There were two things in that sentence that gave me back my knitting mojo. Color and sock yarn. 

Socks are crack to knitters. They are portable, relatively quick, easy and interesting, and beautiful. That is why less than a week after starting this exquisite form of crack.... I have:

The socks that will cause the Broncos to win the Superbowl. You're welcome Colorado.