Sunday, May 24, 2015

My Triumphant Tale of Spinning Cotton

You know that fall off the horse saying? I think it's pretty lame.

Not the concept and sentiment behind it, but the actual saying. When you fall off the horse get back on? That's so stupid.

First off, the only horses I've ridden were trail horses that follow the leader. They don't buck, they don't really move, and they don't listen to you. Secondly, I feel like when you fail at something, it's more personal than physical hurt. So the entire act of falling is not really accurate.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that persistence is worse than falling off a horse.

Am I boring you? I'm boring myself.

Anyways, I successfully spun cotton.

The trick I discovered was to card the actual cotton into rolags. I think the main problem I was having before is that my cotton wasn't drafted enough. So I stretched my memory and tried to remember how to card fiber.

One of the things I noticed about carding cotton is that it's better to overload the carding brushes. Usually with wool and alpaca you don't want to do that, but I found cotton to be too light if you only use a little bit.

Another thing about cotton? It's super freaking fluffy. There are tufts all over my apartment.

But it's really soothing to be spinning again. I just finished a sock and started another, but there is something about sitting in one spot and using your hands to pull and tease fluffy fibers into yarn that activates my love sensors.

After almost three months of coding, it's nice to have free time to spin again. Don't think I stopped coding, because I would never abandon one of my newfound loves.

I started at my new job last week and I've already learned a ton. I can't wait until I learn everything there is to know about coding.

Alas, time to get back to my wheel.

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